Monday, July 16, 2007

Borat step by step

This is one of my most favorite pieces. Borat is a funny character and I have been a fan for a while. I took one of his sayings "God, man, horse, dog woman and then little critters" and created this piece. Here is how my painting was done. First i did couple of thumbnail sketches but I knew that the layout had to be diferrent to fit with the crazy personality this character has. I created a full rendered skecth. I always like doing that because I can use the actual sKetch as an overlay on the final piece like it happened on this one. After painting the piece and throwing lots of textures and brush strokes I lost my line work so I duplictaed my drawing layer and trhew on top as an overlay at 20%. After The whole thing was painted I created a layer and darkened the bottom left of the piece so the focus was his face and not the bottom. Enjoy my process and please feel free to leave any comments. HaVe FuN.


Brandon Green said...

The blog looks good. I can't get your "contact" link to work. But I like the headers for your links, archives, etc...
Color scheme is good. I always like nuetral colors. I think it helps the colors in the pics better.
The only complaint I have is that I'd like to see more sketches. Your work stuff is cool, but I think you should showcase more of your personal stuff that you do just for fun.
But...Overall very cool. Oh yeah, and I got married yesterday.

P├ęter said...

U are really fantastic! I like your works! All of them are creative and elaborate. I'm learning Industrial design and you motivate me to practice drawnig more and more.

Peter from Hungary