Friday, January 19, 2007

From painting to production

This is a digital watercolor painting I did. It started from a photograph from Michael O'donovan to a drawing to Photoshop from Photshop to Painter IX to photoshop again and then to an Epson 9800 pro. Enoy( this is my current workspace).


Duncan Barton said...

Are you going to wallpaper a gymnasium with all that? ;-)

looks great man,can't wait to see what's next!

mauricio salmon said...

damn malaka, your getting pretty good at the digital painting stuff.

zigolo7 said...

ti einai afta pou eftiaxes re???
i fotographia apo egina einai??

Aaron said...

Hey Alex that's a nice piece man your work is looking really good. hope all is well take it easy.


Roop said...

I'm getting tired of seeing these photos Malaka....I want some new stuff to look at. Post some pictures of your house.

We've been working on that animation project alot more now. We almost have the story done.It's coming out pretty cool so far.