Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I am doing a series of images that are influenced by a greek hip hop song called fox of the swamp by a crew called ACTIVE MEMBER. I love the lyrics of the song I decided to illustrate it . I hope you like what you see . please write . Pen and white acrylic on mixed papers. this is the scetch of it. DIGITAL


Jake Ehrlund said...

Yeah I like this ...and Im gonna tell you these colors are actually pretty damn bold ...theres something thats very bitter almost sour with that palette ...but then your eyes fall down to the squirrel and it just makes sense ...excellent work ...El Greco the great!

Alekos Alexakis said...

it's supposed to be a fox man, Jesus am I that off. hahahahahhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I like the fox's shape, but I think the scale of the fox could be a lttle bigger, a little less confusing. If it were bigger I don't think it'd be confused with its rodent cousin, the squirrel.That ultramarine blue in the back is nice. Works well with the red.DOPE!!! Is this just a side project or is this for Advanced Comp Ill?